Success Stories

We have had great results for our daughter since we started working with Renee and the Learning House. Not only have our daughter’s grades improved, so has her self-confidence. Renee has taught Amelia the importance of being organized and well as helpful tips to keep her focused and on track.

DeeDee T.

When my daughter was in first grade at Mountain View Christian School, it became apparent that she was having more than the normal amount of trouble with her reading and writing. Renee Lacombe was recommended to me through my daughter’s teacher. Renee tested Jonae, discovered the areas that Jonae was more than a grade level behind and recommended a personal tutoring program to improve all of her academic levels. My daughter has been working with Renee Lacombe using the Barton System since January of 2007. The results of the time they have spent together have been undeniable. She has increased academically, to where she is above A Beka grade level in reading, comprehension, and following written directions. Her self confidence has increased beyond levels I would have ever expected. Previously she would hide her eyes and never raise her hand to answer a question in class. Now she is one of the first to not only raise her hand to answer a question, but is willing to work problems on the board in front of the class. The progress was not made overnight, my daughter was well into second grade before she began to be able to rhyme words on her own. Watching her skills and confidence develop has been an amazing process to watch. I would recommend Renee Lacombe and her teaching of the Barton System to any parents who have children who are struggling academically. I would recommend Renee to parents who have children who need additional one on one tutoring in an academic area where they are not performing at a desired level. I believe you will be more than satisfied with Renee’s professionalism, her ability to motivate struggling students and bring out the best in them and their work. Her caring nature will be evident to you in many areas.

Julie J.

Renee Lacombe has been tutoring my daughter, Anisa, in math for just over a year. During that time we have seen remarkable improvement in Anisa’s scores. Before tutoring started, Anisa struggled with certain concepts and had a C/D average in math. She was frustrated and homework was difficult. She did not have any confidence in her abilities where math was concerned. She is a bright girl and maintained an A/B average in other subjects. Last spring when Anisa started falling more behind in math, we started the tutoring program with Renee. Anisa was immediately comfortable with Renee and actually enjoyed the lessons. Renee made math fun to learn and Anisa was earning B’s in math. We continued the tutoring through the summer and Anisa adjusted well to 6th grade math when school started. She has since earned B’s and a few A’s and currently has a B+ in math. Her confidence has soared and she actually likes math. Renee has been the catalyst in the improvement of Anisa’s math grades. She is extremely patient and the kids really enjoy her. Renee really connects with the kids and will fit her teaching style to the learning style of each child. She genuinely cares and wants the kids to be successful in school. We will continue to have Renee tutor our daughter and highly recommend her to anyone needing help in math or reading.

Andy D.

Renee has been the answer to our prayers. After years of frustration over our son’s inability to read, we found Renee. Not only has he made amazing advances in his reading ability, he loves to work with Renee. He is a changed student because of her knowledge, caring, and excellent teaching methods. I truly can’t begin to describe the blessing it’s been to work with Renee.

Thank you!

Jennifer B.


When you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, when your child whines or complains about their homework, or worse comes home failing, or saying “they hate school.” When the I.E.P. is so extensive and you still don’t see the progress that should have been made. When your beautiful little per son says to you they can’t figure it out or they’re dumb and your heart breaks. When you understand the struggle they’re going through because it was the same one you had. This is where you need to be! Right here, right now with this woman who can turn it around. I’m not calling her Anne Sullivan but she does seem to work miracles. I have this memory of my youngest daughter who was reading to Renee, trying hard to sound out all the words, Renee sitting so patiently listening and at the end of the book she turns with a grin on her face and says “Tina, you’re a reading machine!” my daughter lit up like a Christmas tree, she was so excited that someone would describe her as a “reading machine” she is now in 8th grade in advance placement classes.

My son is a work in progress, he still doesn’t get really excited about going to school, reading is a constant struggle but every tutoring day my son will say “wouldn’t it be great if Ms. Renee was my teacher and I could just come here.” I know my son may not be a reading machine but he will, will, WILL learn to read and he will succeed not because he had to do the exercises she has him do but because this woman cares, she loves; she shakes her finger at these kids. She will not give up. If you want what is best for your child or yourself, please call.


JoAnn B.

Renee Lacombe is awesome at helping children learn the tools and skills that makes them realize that they can be successful, smart and capable to achieve more than they ever knew they could. My daughter was tested by Renee in spring of 2010 for dyslexia and dysgraphia. Since then Renee has been a part of our lives as a wonderful mentor for me as the parent and for my daughter. Renee did such a wonderful job teaching by daughter the tools she would need to be successful in school and life for her writing, math and reading. Renee was always there to help with recommendations in class accommodations and tools to help me as the parent at home with my daughter’s homework. My daughter absolutely loved going to spend time at tutoring with Renee and was actually disappointed when we let her know that she was graduating for now from tutoring. Renee worked with my daughter’s teachers and also met a couple of times with me for conferences to make sure we were all on the same page in helping her be successful that school year. I would highly recommend Renee for any tutoring that your child needs.

Tanya B.

Our daughters attend Learning House tutoring in the summer months to keep them from losing up to two months of grade level equivalency in math and reading; and, to prepare for the next school year. Our daughters experience has been excellent and the results have been exceptional. Their confidence level has increased dramatically in school as a result of Renee’s efforts. Renee is a patient and caring tutor. She explains things in a way that the student understands. She helps students develop their reasoning skills by allowing them to work though problems, instead of simply providing the answer. It is for these reasons that we make the strongest possible recommendation for the use of Learning House. Renee has simply been great for our kids.

Jenny B.

I would like to thank Renee and her team for all that they have done for my daughter. This has been the missing piece to her “learning puzzle.: My daughter’s dyslexia has made traditional learning a bit more challenging. Strategies have been implemented to help her find success in ways that compliment her learning style. Her confidence is through the roof! So grateful to have found you!

Erica W.

The Learning House had a huge impact on my son’s high school studies. He went from a struggling D student to a confident B. The one on one quiet setting was exactly what he needed. Miss Renee has taught him study skills he can take on to college. Our daughter who was ‘reading-challenged’ has gained confidence and is no longer afraid to read aloud in class. I like how they go onto the school district website and go over my child’s assignments with them. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Michele G.